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OK so I have a quick question. I have a radeon card and I'm going to be be switching to dual 580's. My question is since I'm switching from one brand to another with compleatly different drivers how is the best way to delete the old drivers and intall the Nvidia drivers without causing system crashes. I mean I understand if your switching from one Radeon card to another thats easy. Just pull out the old card and pop in the new one. But what is the process when your compleatly switching cards. What I was going to do was this:

Keep the AMD card in the 16X slot and boot into safe mode
In safe mode delete all ATI/AMD drivers CCC everything related to AMD
Once that is done turn the computer off and insert the Nvidia card into the 16X slot
I'm guessing that the computer will read the stock drivers and all the graphics settings will be screwed up and huge
Go onto Nvidia's site and download the lastest drivers and go.

So is this the best way to do it, also when I down load the Nvidia drivers shold I have both cards in there at the same time or download the drivers one at a time for each card.
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  1. Looks like you got the method nailed down! Put both cards in before installing the drivers.
  2. Ok thanks. I've always used Radeon video cards so I've never done a complete switch from one company to another.
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