My computer shuts down when ever i start play any game

hi , i have a problem that when ever i start any game my computer shuts down it self , the machine is Dell Gx 280 Optiplex

I have read many comments about that but none of them solved my problem
I had also checked the temperature but this machine have no censers to measure heat

Please help me
Thank you
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  1. If the system systematically shuts down whenever you put high load on CPU+GPU at the same time but works fine when each gets heavily loaded separately, it could be that one of your power rail is going too far out of spec under heavy load and causing an under/over-voltage lock-out that shuts down the system.
  2. so thats the reason but what is the solution?? of this
  3. The solution would be to replace the power supply. If it is the micro tower version, most any reputable ~300W ATX PSU should work, if it is the slim version then you will pretty much be limited to getting a used one (~$20 on Ebay) or refurbished one from Dell (~$46) here
  4. hey i changed that but that does not fix problem

    i need a another problem ,when i started the game as usual my pc shuts down by this time when touched the graphic heat sink it was every hot i m talking about this heatsink that your orginsation had showed in this video
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