Best Motherboard for sli'd gtx 580 3b

In the market for a new computer; upgrading from a dell inspiron with a 8400 gs... LOL

Looking to build a computer in the $3000 price range and I've decided that I want all the vram I can afford. I want to enjoy 1600p right now and ensure that I will never go under 1080p for years without having to lower AA or other things because of my vram getting maxed out. 1.5gb vram doesn't cut it for bf3 right now and might not cut it for games years down the line with my future proofing scheme in mind.

Now I just need to find the best suited mother board for 2 or 3 of these cards; one to put another gtx 580 3b in down the line in 6 months to a year or so.

Are there any out that will allow a 16x16 connection? If not, I can wait I guess.

...If I do wait, would it be better to do the same thing with gtx590's?

In dire need to make this computer already; missed out so much as it is. I'm willing to though wait if there are no mobo's/processors that will make these cards last as long as I want them to. The processor I have in mind is a 2600k.
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  1. Now, would there be any benefit in getting a motherboard that is outfitted with pcie3.0 support? I'm guessing that one of those might have X16, x16, x16 connections and that maybe in 1-2 years I could decide to go ivy bridge and even add a next or a next next gen gpu so I would never have to completely rebuild a computer?

    Isn't there even something called sandy bridge e? Is this one of those or are those not out yet.

    Thanks so much.
  2. I want to invest in a ssd primarily for windows and a few games, but am intrigued about this intel smart response technology. I would want to purchase both a hdd and sdd but if I went the Intel smr route, I am not exactly sure if how the ssd gets used or if I can use it as a primary or only as a boost to my pc response time in general.
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