Unlocking Sempron 145 Issues

Hi I'm in need of some help I have just installed my new PC Upgrades and have a Sempron 145 running on a Gigabyte 78LMT-S2P.

I'm able to unlock the second core however sometimes get BSOD, or when in Windows currently on Win 8 CP, But have tested 7 I get strange Graphical Defect like what you would see when overclocking a GPU. Wallpaper get wired blocks appearing, strange artefact's.

I'm not sure if this is just a simple case of changing Bios setting, FSB and so on.

Please could someone give me some advice.
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  1. Also I have a GeForce 8800 GTS 640mb but have checked it not this by trying the onbored GPU but still get this issue
  2. Sounds like you got one that had the core locked down for being a dud. You can try playing with voltage settings see if a small overvolt will get it to play ball.

    You did prime95 it to test stability?
  3. I didn't run Prime95 but I have upped the Voltage but upping CPU volt and the NB to V+1 has a better effect however still happens what about upping the CPU NB Voltage im not sure I get the feeling im close to perfecting it but not sure the best action.
  4. Dose anyone have the best Voltage setting for doing this?
  5. I think you have a dud core.

    You should Prime95 after anychange to see of things are stable and monitor the temps when you do this.

    There are limits to how high you can push volts. With the NB remember voltage increases and frequency increases may help stability but the NB can get VERY hot. Careful you don't cook it to death especially if your using a cheaper mobo that may have poor NB cooling (if any).
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