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Loud humming or grinding noise coming from pc case

Last response: in Components
May 28, 2012 8:13:57 AM

i have a problem with my pc its fine when booted up to windows then within 5 mins or less starts making a loud grinding noise i have tapped all the fans and noise dosent stop,i do have a corsair hydro h100 in my pc setup ive been told some of them that were released made this funny noise but this strange noise dont seem to be coming from that,as soon as i tap the motherboard a few times the noise goes away for around 3 or 4 mins then noise starts up again i was going to buy new case thinking this was the issue iam really not sure what it is now ,i have detcached the second sata hard drive and the optical drive just to narrow the problem down ,if enybody could help me thankyou
a b ) Power supply
May 28, 2012 8:55:28 AM

Try to disconnect one thing at a time until the noise stops. Make sure all your motherboard screws are tight (not too tight) It sounds like it might be your CPU cooling fan or your GPU fan. Take a picture of you case with the side off and post that up here. Try goggling h100 grinding noise?

Thats all i can think of
May 28, 2012 9:01:55 AM

You may have a cable touching one of the fans. The Intel stock coolers have this nasty habit of doing that when their power cables are pulled tight. It won't look like anything is touching it, when in fact the cable is touching it from the side, not the top. I'd start by checking each fan to make sure no cables are anywhere near them.