I5-2500k seems a little hot...

Hey guys, been using the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo on my i5-2500k (set at stock settings because I tried overclocking, caused crashing a few times, then I got lazy and reverted),
so at stock settings, with a decent air cooler, should I really be seeing an average of 45C on each core on CoreTemp, RealTemp, HWMonitor etc?

I do stream a lot of 1080 videos, but surely my 6870 should take the brunt on that, not my cpu right?
I also play a lot of Minecraft, Diablo 3, Terraria, etc, and I can see why when playing the games it gets warm, but when I'm NOT?

Is it most likely I would have put too much thermal paste on, or messed up the install on the cooler?

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  1. 45c at load is actually really good. If those aren't load temps, then they seem a little warm, but we really need load temps to tell you if there's a problem.

    For reference, my 2500k gets into the low 80s when I push it to the max and run benches. 45c is nothing.
  2. No these aren't load temps, I'd be amazed if they were :P
    Right now I have skype and chrome (with 3 1080p videos streaming and Toms Hardware open) and HWMonitor is showing me at an average of 41C
  3. So what are your load temps? Download Prime95, let it run until your temps stop going up or get to 80+ (which would be definitely overheating).
  4. The in-place large FFTs test?
  5. Yeah, that one is fine. You just need to keep your cores at 100% for a while.
  6. ^ The Small FFTs test will do. What is your ambient temp?
  7. http://i50.tinypic.com/9idcwh.jpg
    They kinda levelled out there^
    Seems to warm at stock speeds to overclock, right?
    And my ambient atm is probably like 25C
    Thanks guys
  8. Those temps are fine, if a bit warm. Might be improper thermal paste application. My chip runs about that hot at 1.35v.
  9. That's definitely warm for stock with a 212 Evo. I'm at 4.5 @ 1.277V load voltage, and my temps are just slightly lower than that, actually (58-62C and ambient at 23C) with my 212 Evo. I have it set up in push/pull, but it doesn't make THAT much of a difference. Might want to do a re-mount.
  10. Thanks :) I'll just stick to clock speeds they're fine for me anyways, they barely speed up my render times etc :D
  11. I'll remount this weekend then, thanks guys
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