Need to buy a UPS system but not sure about my PC woltage

Hi everyone !

I am in need of a UPS system, but the seller says i must have a pure sine 1000VA UPS system that costs like 300$, i was wondering if i really need it because i read on the internet that the power supply waltage doesn't matter ?
I have

i5-2500 @3.3ghz quad core
gigabyte ga-z68a-d3-b3 mobo
seasonic PSU 620W active PFC 80+
2x4gb DDR3 ram
gigabyte GTX 560 ti 1gb SoC graphic card

at the store he told me that because of my PSU, i must have a pure sine UPS system of 1000VA,
thing is im not sure why i need such a costly UPS ..
why cant I do with a 700VA non-pure-sine UPS system ?
the price drop is like half, about 150$ !

Appriciate any help ! thanks
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  1. Hi
    As much as i know. For safe operation
    620W X 1.5 = 930W

    You can use 700-800W but if your power supply gets loaded. its not safe for UPS.
    Since it happens rarely you can use 700-800W.

    Sine wave UPS are designed for perfect operation. while other are not.
    Since computers are sensitive device and NON SINE wave UPS gives HIGH FREQUENCY JERKS. You can't RISK it.

  2. First, why do you need a UPS? You have a high quality PSU that has all the internal protection to protect your other components from power failure.
  3. I use this, works fine to save all the desktop with 2600K @4.7GHz - I like it : )

    Less than $150

    - Good voltage regulating.
    - Good wattage regulating.
    - Good software.
    - Good display.
    - Good testing software.

    Check what other users are saying about it @

  4. I shouldn't matter what your power supply is but what power your computer draws (based on my intuition, correct me if I am wrong people). You can use a power supply calculator for a "ball park" figure. I find the numbers they give are on the high side, which is good, as it accounts for power spikes and what not. You can also buy a meter which measures the power real time.

    As far as the pure sine wave necessity, I don't know. I'm assuming the link posted by Nikkor is not a pure sine wave (based on price), and he along with many others say it works. I am an electrical engineer but power is not my focus. I would say, it depends on how the power supply converts the voltage if you need a pure sine wave or not.
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