Computer won't POST (intermittent)

Hi. I've been having a problem with my computer recently that I can't figure out. Sometimes it just dies, as if it had been unplugged, and then it won't turn back on. No beeps, just fans spinning for a while and then it gives up. If I let it "rest" for an hour or two, then it will boot up again. During the resting period, it never beeps or anything. However, the red LED at the front of the case, which I thought was the drive access indicator, flashes slowly on and off. This happened also when I unplugged the HD, so I think it's not actually the drive access indicator. :)

The computer is about a year old. It has been running mostly fine. It occasionally doesn't wake up from sleep mode and sometimes it would be off in the morning, but I thought that was because of Windows auto-updating or something. Maybe it was this same problem occurring but I didn't know it. I had the Windows auto-restart turned off so I can check for error codes if that would be helpful. Next time the computer reboots I'll copy any error codes down. If there's anything in particular to look for, let me know.

CPU: Athlon Phenom II 6 core processor
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3
Memory: Kingston 2GB sticks, x2 (KHX1333C9D3B1K2)
Video: GV-N220OC-1GI GT220 R
PSU: Rosewill RV2-600, 600W

Windows 7

Thank you in advance.
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  1. So it's running right now, and I looked at the Windows Event Viewer. The first time everything up and crashed was Wednesday evening. The nearby events were:
    Time --- Source --- Event id -- Task category
    9:16:54 PM --- Service Control Manager --- 7036 --- None
    9:26:54 PM --- Service Control Manager --- 7036 --- None

    The description for those events is "The Application Experience service entered the running state" and "stopped state", respectively. The computer crashed right around 9:30.

    There aren't any other events until the next morning when the system started up again as if nothing had happened. There's a Kernel-Power Critical warning id 51, category (63). This seems to be an indication that on Wednesday night Windows shut down improperly.

    Not surprisingly, there are no Windows warnings from Wednesday night, because the computer never got to POST until the next morning when it booted up just fine.
  2. Because this computer is running so flaky, I was bringing a different computer back to life. I left one that's been having problems running. From across the room I heard a kind of a popping sound and it had shut itself down. It didn't respond at all when I pressed the power button. After I unplugged it and then plugged it back in, it responded to the power button, but was doing the thing where it doesn't POST or do anything. Could it be the power supply?
  3. Get a new PSU Rosewill is a TERRIBLE company for PSUs
  4. eggbrook said:
    Get a new PSU Rosewill is a TERRIBLE company for PSUs

    That's certainly an option, but I hesitate to just start randomly buying new components. Is there a way to test a PSU at home, or is this something that a repair shop can do for you? I know that it _sometimes_ produces the correct power, because the system ran for a year. Once I get everything back together, I can copy down the power levels as recorded in the BIOS menus.

    I'm breadboarding everything now. Let you know more when it becomes available.
  5. Signs of a dead motherboard,same happened to me this week,turned out to be a dead mobo.Best buy a new one.PSU of rosewill is good enough so it cant be much of a prob.
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