6950 Toxic dual DVI not working

I bought a Sapphire 6950 Toxic 2GB a month ago, and everything was fine, until today I wanted to connect my second monitor. I was using a LG monitor with a VGA-DVI adapter on the DVI port (near the HDMI and DisplayPort connectors). Today I plugged in my second monitor to the other DVI port (near the air vent), and nothing happened. I tried activating the second display in the Display Properties and in Catalyst Control Center too, to no avail (the screen would flicker for a second, and nothing happens, the other monitor won't turn on and the second display is still listed as not active). I switched the monitors and now the second one works fine on the upper DVI, but the other one on the lower one won't turn on. I'm using both monitors with VGA-DVI adapters, and I switched around the adapters too, they both work fine on the upper DVI.

I'm starting to think maybe the lower DVI connector is dead. Or am I doing something wrong?
Please help!
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  1. try changing the settings in the windows screen manager thingy. rightclickondesktop->screenresolution->detect->see if another display shows in the preview box->try changing to it.

    Also, i'm sure you tried this, but make sure the plugs are pushed all the way in (try using the screws).

    On a side note, are you using dvi to vga because the montitors only support vga?
  2. I had a ticket opened with Sapphire support, and they have told me some interesting things. According to the specification, the two DVI connectors on the card might look the same from the outside, but are actually quite different. The upper connector (near the HDMI) is a Dual-link DVI-I connector that supports digital and analog monitors (thus VGA with adapter). BUT the lower connector (near the vent) is actually a single-link DVI-D connector, that only supports digital displays. So my VGA monitor (even with the adapter) won't work, because it's still analog. Makes sense...

    I should've looked at the specification more closely before buying this card, all these different DVI standards make my head spin.

    So anyway, my question still stands, I have two monitors with VGA connectors and I'd like to use them both, how can I make this work?
  3. The gpu has other ports aswell, i'd see if one of them can be converted to vga.
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