Help an old lady out. new build.

background story is that an old lady asked me to take a look at her computer.
She said she had virus and had paid a guy to $50 to clean and i guess he did.
He put a fresh install of windows XP, but its a corrupted XP boot leg running on 512mb ram
on a Pentium 2. he also told her the internet was at fault for being slow and
he charged her for a wireless system. $120 there. Shes also changing over to Cable internet
because he said ATT was no good.

Now she said she had money to repair it and I asked her how much and she said 300-500.
But she wants it ready to work no problems. I explained to her i might as well build her one.

looking for a 1155 socket sandy bridge.
even considering a micro board.
decent storage space. ( current pc has 32gbs) xD
power supply enough to run everything and a Video card for Future proofing.
ram about $20-50 whatever it allows far at the end.
normal case. cheap please
and DVD drive Cheap too.

I have an Idea Of what to get but wanted to see what you guys can come up with.
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  1. Since it's a low end pc for just email, word, and internet. It will probably be cheaper to get a prebuilt computer from the store or internet. You will end up with better quality stuff if you build yourself, but the tech support and warranty prebuild's come with would help her our quite a bit as well.
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