Upgrades seems to have only worsened my system.

Hey guys, my video card had been damage recently so I needed to buy a new one and I looked to upgrade. I figured to just to go big and I also bought some RAM.

I upgraded from 2 x 2GB of Corsair XMS3 DDR3 RAM to 4 x 4GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM

And from a Diamond Radeon HD 5770 to an ASUS Radeon HD 6950

I formatted my HDD and installed Windows 7 64 bit to allow the RAM to be used, and I'm certain I have all the appropriate drivers installed on my computer.

Could it have something to do with the mobo? I've got a Gigabyte P55A-UD4P.

Any answers or leads would be much appreciated, this is such a let down :(

(Also I wasn't sure which subforum to post this in as I can't figure out which piece of hardware it is)
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  1. And your problem is?
  2. Oh sorry, seems I absently mindedly left out the main issue.

    It seems after my upgrades my system isn't as fast as it was. The one game I have re-downloaded so far, League of Legends, runs at a horrible quality compared to what it was like before. Before I could reach 50-60 FPS in game with maybe Firefox and Skype open. Now with the game open alone I cannot get a steady 30. I can't seem to figure which new device is causing the problem either as dxdiag is recognizing all the hardware and its values.

    The one thing I have yet to try is swapping the old RAM back in.
  3. Good start
    Eliminate one at a time, with no other changes, so you can clarify which one it is.
    In game settings the same?
    Any heat issues?
    Have you done a performance check to see if theres throttling?
    Many things you can do, all without having to do much, theres more, but this is a start
  4. My thought is PSU issues, Investigate connections to the graphics card and what PSU are you using ? The power draw between the two cards is sizeable.
    Also what are the temps like ? Throttling is possible if it is simply too hot.
  5. You left a very important thing. What is your CPU?
  6. My PSU is a Corsair TX750M (750W as the name implies)

    CPU is an Intel i5 660 @ 3.33GHz (if thats what you meant, not sure)
  7. I think the CPU is not the limiting factor, have you tries using the latest video ard drivers? Or you might want to rollback to older driver.
  8. I've tried the CD, Unofficial Drivers and the Official drivers (Driver Sweeper and Rebooting between). Nothing seemed to differ.
  9. All cables are connected ? Reseat them and the card and review the temps on the graphics.
  10. So installed the drivers manually (without the Catalyst installer) and now they work.

    I'm sorry for kinda wasting your time everyone :/ but I do really appreciate the help.
  11. No that's awesome that it works. That is what we all wanted !
    Enjoy it I'm getting one soon !
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