VMware and mandrake 8.1

I was wondering if someone has successfuly configured the vmware-configure.pl thing in mandrake to allow vmware to run. I type vmware in the terminal and it says vmware-config.pl must be(re)configured in order for blah blah blah..i saw the instructions on www.vmware.com 's website and it said to install the modules..well what do i do?! this is my first time running linux so basically im trying to cheat by running windows XP in the background so i can do things i can with winXP that i cant do with linux. Thanks.
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  1. I got it running no prob. Lemme just check on the site to see what you have to do again, and I'll post instructions.

    For starters, make sure you're operating as root for the install.

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  2. Okay, I'll go through it the long way. It sounds as though you have the rpm installed and just need to configure it, but I'll go through the rpm installation anyways. (if you have a tar.gz archive, I'll add another post).

    first, open up an eterm/xterm/whatever window

    type: su
    enter your superuser password

    then cd into the directory where you saved the rpm

    (eg type: cd /home/username/
    where that is the directory in which your rpm is installed)

    then install the rpm.
    type: rpm -Uvh VMware-<xxx>.rpm

    now cd to the installation directory (I can't remember what it is exactly, probably /usr/bin/VMware/ or something like that...)

    type: ./vmware-config.pl

    you may not need to add the ./ in front, but I think you should...

    Then to run it, cd to the directory where the binary is kept and type: ./VMware

    Install windows, enjoy :smile:

    Lyrics. Wasted time between solos.
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