How to disable Microsoft Office Updates

I have Windows 7 Ultimate and i don't want to receive windows updates notification for office. :bounce:
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  1. If you don't want to receive any notifications, then just change your Windows Update settings to Download and Install Updates without asking.

    If your copy of MS Office is Legitimate, you should have nothing to worry about.


    The whole reason for updating The Operating System and Office itself is to close any security holes which otherwise would leave your system open to infection from Security Exploits which are easily exploitable in Drive by infections while surfing.

    Same thing goes for any other software you might have on your system, it is very important to keep it completely up to date for this very reason.

    Plus with Adobe Reader and/or Acrobat you should disable JavaScript in the settings as this is a proven security hole.
  2. I agree with Renegade - but if you really want to disable the updates then you can try this:

    Start -> type "Windows Update" in the search box, press ENTER

    Click "Change Settings" in the left-hand column

    Under the "Microsoft Update" heading, uncheck the "Give me updates for Microsoft products and check for new optional Microsoft software when I update Windows" option.
  3. I do NOT agree with Renegade.

    First off, he assumes the user asking for such option doesn not know what he writes, and in that assumption, he neglects to give the user, the actual solution to what is asking.

    Second, the whole thing renegade wrotes is a matter of interpretation of security policies, so in the end is just another opinion. Opinion which I disagree with.

    The pervasive updates is a big trade off with time and bandwitd consumed in the name of security, that could be perfectly achieved by other means, or directly ignored planly if the user chooses to.

    The whole thing with the despotic behaviour of some people regarding what one should do on my own computer is becoming absurd.
  4. sounds like software is not legit i agree!
  5. bugmenot1983, please BUG-ME-NOT...
    I agree windows updates is for a reason besides "occupying bandwidth in the name of security, blah blah blah.."
    besides the security enhancements there are also updates to the software functionality itself.
    you can also tell updates to run at a certain time like in the middle of the night.

    unless the OP is on a dial-up connection (wow.!) with some old slow-ass unit
    then I see half of you point.
    and the OP was also informed on his request as well..
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong guys, but I thing the OP is talking about the 'Updates are available' notification, which I think is what happens when the option - "Check for Updates but let me choose..." is chosen.

    Or maybe, "Download updates but don't install them"?

    I don't know which one, 'coz I do everything manually.

    Auto updates are a huge pain meant only for the not-so-knowledgeable user, who wants the easiest option

    Cyberman, you can also turn off the last 2 check boxes - "Microsoft Updates" & "Software Notifications" if you don't ever actually want to update MS Office etc.

    You'll never get those notifications ever again :)

    Go to "Change Settings" from "Windows Update" as described by sminlal.
  7. Guys, take a look at the date. This thread is 11 months old.
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