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Not that i really care but it seems like Toms is keeping a few eyes on what im up to. This is the Ghostery add-on for Firefox. Don't know much about tracking so maybe someone could fill me in.

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  1. run NoScript add-on and allow and

    make the page load faster too
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  3. Some of those are related to advertising, while others are for tracking page impressions and other things. Almost every website runs at least one of those (Google Analytics), otherwise they have no idea what content is popular and what is garbage that nobody reads.

    I have little issue with analytics for website owners as it helps to improve the site. I don't really care for advertising trackers though. I'm not interested in targeted advertising. I'm not interested in advertising at all.
  4. the intercepting the newegg links is very annoying.
    We block all web ads category so all links are worthless at work.
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