PWM 4pin cpu heat sink fan/ 3pin cpu fan mobo

I bought a Deep Cool BETA 200 ST(PWM) cpu cooler for for new OEM 95w phenom 955 II X4 955 - HDX955WFK4DGM.html and installed it an HP pavillion w/ foxconn N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX (Alvorix) 95w tdp max motherboard

When I booted up it said warning cpu fan failure on black screen but did allow me to F2 and proceed. The fan was only turning 300rpm and temp was 60 in minutes before I shut it down and put old oem athlon x2 cooler back on. It boots perfect and cool 28c browsing 40-45c game play now.

Can I just get a 3 t0 4 pin adapter or do I need to buy a new non-pwm 3 pin fan heatsink?
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  1. If correctly connected to the 3 pin header it should spin full speed!
  2. I think these will work

    hopefully it will work like a regular 3 pin cpu fan and spin at the speed from the mobo bios.
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