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I am having a terriable time with my new 26" F&H 26" HD LCD TV that I connect from my ATI 6870 HD (HIS) PCI-X graphics card, within Windows 7 the text is out opf focus and hard to read, if I connect a cable on graphics card to the DVI port then on the TV end to a HDMI port it isnt a problem, even though obviously the quality is lower due to it not using the HDMI, when using the perfered HDMI to HDMI which is what I want to do as the qualitiy is crisper, but for example in games like World of Warcraft textures are distorted, specially when looking at details further away, mainly on character graphics, but the main problem is the horriable quality of text within Windows 7, images look nice and crisp, but it just dosnt seem right, problems with games, bad text(seems out of focus), I have tried so many things, changed drivers, updated to latest, checked cables - please advise anyone, apart from the usual things that people say I sure I have already done all of the tests I can think of and have read on :(
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  1. When the text is out of focus, is all of the screen being used or is there a decent sized black border around it? If there is a black border then look at the scaling options in ccc->mydigitalflatpanels->scalingsomething

    Also, your description is a bit hard to understand but it seems like your saying dvi (the port that is usually white) is worse than hdmi.
    I'm not sure if this is true for very high resolutions (it's more likely the opposite) but both dvi and hdmi are perfect for 1080p, though hdmi has sound and dvi does not.
    If your meant vga, then yes, it might reduce quality. Also it's possible that the dvi to hdmi converter might reduce quality, but this shouldn't be the case. I've used these several times without any problems.
  2. hi, thanks for your reply,
    the screen and Windows is set to its native supported res at 1360*768, fits perfect, with the hdmi to hdmi connector itys crisper images and clarity, just the text isnt good, and slighly blury - if i use a DVI(in graphics card, not adapted as dedicated DVI port) to a HDMI on TV the text is ok, little less quality like shades of blue color here andthere on letters but thats just how LCDs work, Windows has a built it text calibrator.
    Just annoying that HDMI is the one i perfer to use isnt 100% - and the difference between HDMI cable to DVI is a lot in quality of images and crispness, I have found on forums a lot of people have this, maybe my screen is to cheap lol
  3. i just looked it up, dvi = hdmi minus sound (basically).

    If there is a difference either the gpu is sending different signals through the ports (maybe they set it up so hdmi looks better on TVs while dvi looks better on monitors, idk) or the converter is messing something up or the TV interprets differently depending on port. There's other things that can go wrong too.

    Try these:

    -With the hdmi, use the overscan method i mentioned above. over scan the full amount (15% i think) then disconnect and reconnect the monitor. Often (maybe always) overscan is needed for gpu to tv but it's possible your tv is implementing it instead and badly.

    -Look at the settings on your tv. look for some some of auto-fix or auto-adjust or scan. If that doesn't work, see if you can tell your tv it's getting the hdmi from a computer (through the menus).

    -finally try the options in ccc->mydigitalflatpanels->hdtvsupport

    if none of these work tell me the tv's model number and i'll look for solutions based on it specifically.
  4. Hi again :)

    Thanks for the ideas, I tried all of them, and the scaling isnt really the problem tbh, all fits on screen accuratly.

    Its very interesting that you say DVI is HDMI minus sound, as I do notice a much better quality and crispness in images and movies with the true HDMI to HDMI connections compared to DVI.

    I will confirm now to be sure I am explaing my connections accurate....

    On the TV it has 2 HDMI ports, on my graphics card it has 2 DVI ports and one HDMI port.

    The way I have it setup is a HDMI to HDMI cable connection to the graphics card dedicated HDMI port then to the TV dedicated HDMI port............when connected like this, thats when my problem exists, fuzzy/blurly text.

    If i connect a differenct cable which is DVI to HDMI......DVI port on graphics card going to the TV HDMI port(cable is adapted)..........this is where its obvious that I am not getting HD quality viewing, its no different that having a standard monitor, and also the text isnt clear, but not fuzzy.

    TV model is FH-26LMG-NOH

    Its a 26" LCD TV supports up to 1080i/p native res 1360*768

    Sorry to be a pain, really not sure what to do with this TV, return it or scream lol
  5. damn, can't find anything in the owners manual or on the internet about problems with that specific tv...
    I might think of something later, or maybe someone else will have an idea, sry.

    About dvi and hdmi,
    quote from wikipedia:
    "Because HDMI is electrically compatible with the CEA-861 signals used by digital visual interface (DVI), no signal conversion is necessary, nor is there a loss of video quality when a DVI-to-HDMI adapter is used".

    This means it's ur graphic card's fault (it's sending different signals through each port) or your converter is bad or one of your cables is bad. If you have any other cables, try it with them but it probably won't change anything.
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