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Hi all.

I've got an issue that's a little perplexing; when I try to power on my computer after, say, overnight, it takes roughly 20min before power kicks on. Once it's up and running I can shut down and start again w/o issues. No. 1 suspect was the psu (Seasonic x560 Gold) and when I first checked it with a multi-meter all was good. Problem persisted though.

Eventually I re-checked the psu and the voltages were running low - aha. I then heard an audible click from the unit while I had the meter checking and the voltages were back spot on normal. Faulty psu I'm thinking, so I rma for a new one (on it's way).

I am starting to think it may be something else though. Could it be some sort of 'wake' bios event or faulty motherboard? Has anyone had an issue like this? I have tried firing up w/o video card, memory but system remained dead. The motherboard's power light is on at all times though. Front power switch is good, checked with continuity test.

Has anyone heard of a setting where full power is on a delayed delivery?

My apologies for the long post and many thanks in advance.
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  1. I think you are on the right track with the PSU. No setting I know of for the motherboard but if the new PSU does not fix it then the motherboard might be faulty.
  2. If there's no change with the new psu, then yes, I guess the motherboard may be bad. It's a strange problem. Thanks
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