My geforce nvidia graphic card problem

Hello,currently i have problem with my laptop suddenly become blur and fuzzy but when i standby my laptop and turn it on back it turn to occur frequently and i thought maybe my graphic card have it another source of my problem?thanks.
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  1. Which mobile nvidia gpu do you have? It's probably overheating. When was the last time you cleaned it? Do you use a laptop cooler? It sounds like after you put it on standby it cools down and starts to work properly again until it heats back up.
  2. thanks for your reply..i used geforce g210m cuda..i never cleaned the graphic card?is the graphic card need to be clean?i recently use the laptop cooler but before this i never use any cooler..i had used my laptop for 2 years..
  3. one more thing,it sometime occur when i barely start my laptop...
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