GA-H61MA-D3V rev2.0 and I5-3540 failing intelburntest/Prime95 (non-oc)

So i've bought all the stuff for a new pc for a mate and assembled it completely. Had to use my i7-2600k to boot the system and update the bios to F4 (F1 does not support ivy bridge). But with the i7-2600k intelburntest runs fine on very high, but the i5-3450 fails at 2nd time to run (intelburntest). Earlier the same day when booting up the computer, the entire computer startet glitching. Graphics aswell as sound. Was extremely weird. I shut down the computer, restarted it and it seems to work fine, but fails stability tests (aida64 aswell).

I tried running memtest86 (up to 70% there were no errors so i stopped it), but that shouldn't be the problem as the I7-2600k runs fine
The antec PSU seems to be extremely robust (in bios the 5v is at EXACTLY 5.00, which is very rare and it had a nice review from tomshardware).
I've used the agility 3 for over a month already, it's working perfectly fine.

The only problem here is that either the CPU is defect or that the motherboard has issues because of the incompatibility with ivy bridge chips?

Ps. I have no intention of overclocking any component in any way. Hence my choice of H61 chipset.

GA-H61MA-D3V rev2.0
Corsair XMS3 1333 2x4GB
OCZ Agility 3 120gb firmware 2.22
DVD SH-222AB Samsung
Antec Basiq VP350P
Cooler Master Elite 310
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  1. Is the cooler installed properly? What are the temperatures you are getting?
  2. The temps i was seeing was in the 80's (normal for a stock cooler on 100%). The cpu didn't do any form of throttling...
  3. Maybe i should try the I5-3450 in my mainrig?
  4. Decided to throw the I5-3450 in my mainrig. Fails intelburntest standard everytime at 3rd try. The cpu is broken, i will return it as fast as possible.

    How do i choose a post as "answer"?
  5. You selected the thread to be discussion, so you can't choose best answers.
  6. Oh... Wasn't aware of that :). Then i've learned something new :).
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