Cpu usage randomly jumping

last 2 days i've noticed my cpu randomly going from 5-10-50-80-20-10% randomly at any given time,like when i open any program(almost everything close only open chrome ) it spiked and get lag till computer screen froze sometime, i open task manager and tried everything i could but i can't find the solution.Is my cpu dying ?motherboard failure ? maybe bad hdd or even dead ram stick. I tried clean it with malwarebyte and kaspersky rescue disk but nothing came up either.
here's my computer spec:
-core i7 920 @ default clock
-Wd 7200k 640gb
-nvidia gtx 560
-16gb kingston hyperx
-cooler master silent pro 850w
-dell studio xps 435tm motherboard
here's some ss
Can anyone pls tell me what's going on :cry: ?
Appreciate it.
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  1. Switch out your anti virus programs for Microsoft Security Essentials (as in delete the ones already there) and see if that fixes anything.

    Also, how long did this computer "work" (as in have no problems) if it ever did work?
  2. it been running strong for like 3+ year and this just came up around when i updated 3 main program which is window defender kb915597 ,nvidia driver,and steam. I noticed whenever i starting any program it went from 5%-50 to 70% then it came back down->(random usage) and unstable clock also causing my high cpu temp, before 45C now around 50-55C
  3. Seems it's a software issue. How often do you format the computer?
  4. the last time i format is around 3 months ago to install win 7
  5. first use msconfig and turn everything off in start up other then the anti virus and see if it stops. if it does then it a program running in the back ground. i would then turn on only what you need. a lot of time people have flash..java updates running at start up that are not needed.
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