A question about desk computer cabinet space

Should I use it? I can only use it if I keep the door open and the back of the desk is sealed. Can I put enough fans inside my pc to offset the heat?
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  1. if you have no airflow, and its just an 'office pc' you'll be ok. For a gaming machine, I wouldn't, you'll just be circulating increasingly warm air around the case.
  2. that's what I thought too now i need to figure how i'm going to orient it
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    Hi :)

    I was called out to an old customer of mine once, who had just bought a sort of wardrobe to sit in their hall and totally contain their whole computer system...

    It was cutting out from overheating in UNDER 5 minutes from cold...

    When I got there and opened the twin doors, the pc tower was squeezed into a space at the bottom that was 1/4 of an inch bigger than the tower....thats 1/4 at the top and both sides and the back was totally blocked off...

    I could do nothing apart from remove the tower and stand it beside the unit... and voila....NO overheating and NO cutting all...

    So yes you need ventilation and I dont mean fans etc inside the tower...I mean OUTSIDE THE TOWER...

    Hope this helps...

    All the best Brett :)
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