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I need some ideas for some PC speakers and wireless card please.

Hey again everyone,

I just made a build for my nephew (from his parents) and they just let me know they also want a set of speakers and a wireless card (or maybe USB plug in receiver?).

I know a bit about hardware components, but I'm totally unfamiliar with speakers and wireless...could you offer me some place to start please? I google too, but I like to also filter my searches through you guys 1st.


Oh, this is for a roughly $750 system (including OS, keyboard, mouse, and monitor). I would imagine they would like to keep speakers under $100 and closer to under $50 if possible.
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More about ideas speakers wireless card please
  1. I don;t use external speakers on any of my systems...headphone for let's see what we can find on Newegg:

    Price range? Here's a link to Newegg using the Highest Rating choice: You can see the best is $80 and the next best is $300+. This assumes 5.1 sound.

    As for wireless I use USB wilress dongles for almost everything. Do they have G or N? They are simple to use (plug into any open USB slot), easy to set up, don't need a card slot. Lots of brands and prices can range from the mid $20's to $50 unless you buy refurb.
  2. I already got these Logitech S220 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer

    Do you have a few wireless dongles to recommend that you can link?
  3. Some people like to stick with the brand of their router. I've had the best results with Linksys/Cisco; Dlink; Netgear. They all can be found on special all the time so never pay retail. G or N?
  4. Sorry, working on the g or n...haven't got in touch with him yet.
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    TopGun said:

    Sorry about slow response...was catching on on threads. The adaptor you chose is N so that's good. However, it's a 150mbps and the modem/router looks like it will support 300mbps. If you are trying to max wireless speed then you need one that does 300mbps.

    Here is a link to Newegg's USB wireless adaptor page:

    300mbps does cost more.
  6. I already ordered the other. I'm sure it will be fine for what they're using it for. Thanks for the help though. :)
  7. TopGun said:
    I already ordered the other. I'm sure it will be fine for what they're using it for. Thanks for the help though. :)

    Glad to help. I assume the thread is closed.
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