AMD Phenom x4 965 CPU Problems

Hi guy's

Recently the fan on my CPU started to run really loud at 1st I thought it was because of the fact that summer is coming so my room is a bit warm but I've put my A/C on just a few days ago

I Downloaded HWMonitor to see the temps on my parts they all seem fine but my fans are running at 100% for some reason.

but that's not the problem though my CPU Temp w/o running any games and just browsing the temp is around 45-47 Celsius but when I run a game either (Counter-Strike Source, Minecraft, and BF3, etc) The temp goes up to 70+Celsius.

My computer parts are

AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.40 ghz
460 GTX 768 MB
MB MSI 870A-G54 AM3
1TB Samsung HDD 7200
Case : Antec 300

is there something else causing this?
Im not really knowledgeable about computers I've built this computer from scratch with some help, it was running great when the weather was still cold (During winter season) and now fans are extremely loud and I don't think my CPU temp should be that high.

I was thinking of getting a Cooler Master hyper 212 but when I saw some videos and Pics that thing is HUGE and seems like I have to install it in my mobo? and I have no idea how to do that I really don't want to do it by myself since I have no idea what I'm doing and I don't wanna damage anything especially the mobo since I just recently got it replace (It got fried a few months ago)

Any Suggestions or Help? Thanks!
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  1. There are 2 variants of the stock Phenom II fans, ones uses thicker 8mmpipes, more alum find and a quiter fan, one has 6mm pipes, less fins and a noisemaker for a fan. You got the later version :)

    The 212 is a big cooler, and it will be a tight fit onside the Antec 300, but it will fit. Also the Antec 300 has a cut out behind the cpu which you will use when mounting the cooler, no need to take off the motherboard.

    Just make sure to watch a few installation videos of the 212 on an AMD motherboard from YouTube before you start. The instructions that come with fan are not very good. ANd with the 212 is its to use a little more thermal paste than usual, extra paste will go inside the grooves left by the heat pipes. good video!
  2. Yeah I got this CPU when it came out and I waited a few weeks to get it since I was working to get the money to buy the parts for my rig xD

    anyways I was thinking of getting the hyper 212 but I've asked some of my friends also who are good with computers and they were shocked also that my CPU is getting way to hot -_-

    They also suggested to buy the hyper 212 which I was already considering on getting but I was actually thinking of upgrading to a new CPU & a new GFX card since my old one is only a 460 GTX 768 MB (I dont even know why i bought this was a dumb idea but it was a low budget rig,, heh)

    well I'll keep checking the temps and all and see how it goes and decide either to get a new cpu w/ gfx card or not we shall see

    thanks for the help! :)
  3. Yep get the 212+ or EVO then you can unlock some of that overclocking as well that is waiting to happen! Check though first if your cooler is getting dirty (which would explain things) and blow it out with compressed air!
  4. I am sure dust is negligible factor for him, the cooler is simply sucks, clean or not. The 965 is still plenty good, so you dont need a new CPU. With a hype 212 you can push it to 4 Ghz easy.
    You could definitely do better the 460 GTX, like AMDs own 7850.
  5. Dust can explain that it recently started to run the fan at high speed and rise in temperature! Restricted airflow will do that!
  6. Yes, ofcourse. All I was saying as that fan is good creating noise and not very good at cooling even fresh out of the box. I had personal experience for a short while (before I got my 212).
  7. update

    So while I had my A/C on I tested out something & the result was such a shocked to me and my friend who at the time I was talking to and asking for help.

    We decided to see how high the temp goes when I play video games since when I saw the temp go to 70 I just closed the game so we thought how high it would go if I played a few rounds of CSS

    played about 10 rounds and closed the game and saw the CPU temp for all 4 cores 90Celsius exact I was speechless on how high it was & with the room really cooled cuz of the A/C & I'm pretty sure I've been playing my games with my CPU temps being like this which explains sometimes I get FPS lag or game (In-Game) lag (Not being the net/ping lag) so my friend suggested to get a "Arctic Silver 5 High Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound" and clean my heatsink and the CPU chip so thats what i'll be getting this week and a compressed air and see how it goes

    will update again when I get the chance to do this

  8. Try a different temp program since 90°C for a long time the CPU would be toasted!
  9. the temp wasnt 90C all the time i think? well I'm not sure since I couldn't monitor it while playing and yeah true 90C all this time while I've been gaming I'm surprised my computer is still alive

    any good temp program you'd recommend? since HWmonitor was recommended by my friend
  10. the guy above about dust build up on the cpu cooler ( should check the video card inside and out also )................. you should remove the heat sink and fan, wipe off the old thermal paste and reapply new.
  11. yeah i'll be doing that either tomorrow or one of this days this week since today is a holiday stores are closed -__-
    (good timing huh lol) but yeah i'll be doing that once I get my hands on thermal paste and some compressed air

    hopefully this fixes it :/ been having a few problems with this computer lately ugh can't get a break from it.

    thanks for the help!
  12. well got my hands on the thermal paste today and cleaned off the old ones and put the new paste

    sadly something went wrong with my gfx and the colors were purple -_- so had to get a new one
    bought a AMD Radeon HD 6850 1gb and its amazing so far just had some problem with the drivers having the OpenCL.dll error? googled that and got it fixed and everything is SMOOTHHHHHHHHH like a girls skin :)

    CPU temp before hovering at 46-50 (46 doing nothing 50 browsing the net)

    CPU Temp with new paste (33-35)
    only get to 45 while gaming :) Love it

    Thanks everyone for all the help :) really appreciate it
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