Mounting my Raedon HD 6970 somewere else than the motherboard

So I'm new to the forum but ill try to explain what I'm attempting to do here.

I'm currently in the prosess of planning my next computer build and this one is a bit different as it requires me to lay everything down flat onto an acrylic surface (don't worry about this part yet), but what I need help with is a way to put my current Raedon HD 6970 flat by using a sort of cable for the pci-e 16x slot, witch I have not found. Is there anyone here who knows where I can get such cable and if it is possible.

I do not want a entire box for the external mount as I have found many of those but I cannot seem to find just a calbe that I can mount to the slot and bend to the side of my motherboard.

And once again, don't worry about ventilation, the cabinet will be almost like a wind tunnel when I'm done with it.

Please help, It's the last piece I need before I start ordering and building this beast :D
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  1. Wolfshadw said:

    You sir, are an angel!

    That's exactly what I'm looking for.
  2. select him as best answer!!!!
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