Inspiron 1525 CPU upgrade

well i have had my trusty dell inspiron 1525 for a good 4 years and its in mint condition i have upgraded to windows 7 it has 4GB DDR2 RAM now i want to upgrade the CPU, i want to know if its possible to fit an intel i3 3.1Ghz quad core processor and maybe upgrade the cooling system as quite frankly it sucks, obviously i will need a new battery with more power as the RAM already drains it like its water in a sink, i just want to know about the i3 and the cooling system

thanks a lot

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  1. just as an update, its actually a dual core, amazon is retarded and doesnt know that quad means 4
  2. Hi :)

    Nope....I own a lappy repair company and a 1525 is too old and it wont work anyway...

    New lappy time I think....

    All the best Brett :)
  3. is there any you could suggest? my budget is about £900 and i would need it for college, so software like office suite, visual studio 2011, Adobe master collection CS6 as i am doing a programming and web development course
  4. i also need to be able to multitask e.g. dreamweaver and fireworks open simultaniously, i need it to be fast
  5. Hi :)

    If you are a student, buy ALL that software through the UNI or College...its around 80% cheaper in the UK...even my daughter at UNI got it cheaper than I could and I own Computer shops in the UK...

    Regarding buying the lappy...somewhere like (NOT MY COMPANY BY THE WAY) lol

    All the best Brett :)
  6. i already have all the software its on my desktop pc i just need to install it onto my new laptop once i buy it, i dont know all that much about laptops because im a desktop person, is it worth getting a macbook or a laptop?
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