Gtx590 or 580 SLI need some opinions?

Im looking to max out my graphics preformance, I recall reading here a few months back that the gtx590 had issues with heat and some instability? Has this continued ot be the case? Would 580's In SLI be the better way to go ? I saw a review that said they run faster than the 590 due to the cooler temps, Either choice is going ot be pricy but I watn to know the card will be reliable for a least a year or two.


Is SLI configuration a smooth process now? I've not built a SLI machine in 4 or 5 years, and at the time it was very problematic and I didn't end up seeing much benifit from the second card.

Any thought or opinions would be much appriceated.

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  1. Well, today SLI scales almost to 100% if the game is optimized (today almost all games are). Some one them stay in 60~80% range through (if the cpu is bottlenecking for example).

    SLI is pretty much smooth today btw..
  2. I would always go with two cards over a single dual GPU card.
  3. The GTX 590 is about $300 cheaper, but runs hotter within the case due to internal exhausting fans. It is also a little slower than two full GTX 580's. Reference GTX 580's will exhaust their heat outside the case and run faster, but cost more.

    Have you looked at the Asus Mars II?
  4. just keep in mind that AMD's next gen 28nm cards are reported to be launching in jan.
    that should bring down prices of all current cards.
  5. Amd next gen launching in jan, any news about when nvidis next gen or tier will be coming out to compete with it?
  6. i would opt 580 sli... if you got the money.
  7. GTX 590 is not equal to 580 SLI....its equal to 570 SLI...further, if you're considering $800-$900 on video cards...please wait till Feb 2012 when the 7000 series of AMD will be as good or better than GTX 580 for a lower price..or at the very least Nvidia will drop the price of the GTX 580 to compete since their 600 series isn't due till Q3 2012 (mass availability).

    If you really need it now then Radeon 6970 X 2 is not a bad choice...its 10% slower than GTX 580 (still faster than GTX 590) but you can get 2 cards (non reference dual its much more silent too) for 620$ at newegg compared to 900$
  8. Generally, you want to go for the GTX 590 dual GPU card only if you lack the space for two full cards in SLI, or if your motherboard does not support SLI.

    If you have the space for two full cards in SLI, then the GTX 570's are comparable to the GTX 590 in performance and price. The GTX 580's in SLI are a step above both of those.
  9. I never say wait to buy, but 900-1000 in GPUS it might be worth waiting for the new ATI cards the 50 should drop somewhat and you might be swayed into some ati gear.....I'm actualy waiting so I can get a 6950 cheaper than it is currently.
  10. A lot of sites are now confirming that Jan 9th is the release date for 7970 and 7950. So you should be able to get them easily in early February...especially in this economy because no one has $400-$500 to spend on a video card after Christmas.

    The specs for the cards are almost 50%+ 6970...the vram per card is 3gb...thats wicked..and its a new architecture so unless AMD pulls another Bullshitdozer can expect them to beat GTX 580 easily for the same price. And its 28nm so it will be cooler and quieter without a doubt.
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