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I'm looking at the GeForce GT 430, two versions. The 01G-P3-1433-KR and 01G-P3-1335-KR. The only difference I see between the cards is the RAM speed and the bandwidth. 01G-P3-1433-KR 1800Mhz (effective) memory width 28.8 GB/s..............01G-P3-1335-KR 1200Mhz (effective) memory width 9.6 GB/s.
My MB has PCI e 2.0. I bought my computer in 2007. Is there much of a difference between the card versions? There's a $30 difference in the it worth the extra $30 for the higher bandwidth?
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  1. The 1433 model has 128 bit DDR3 memory and the 1335 model has 64 bit DDR3 memory which accounts for the bandwidth difference. Read about bandwidth here:
    Usually the higher ter the better.
  2. The only thing would be, will they even fit? If you are using a slim line case they may be to big. Also it depends on what you are using the cards for like just video or surfing the web gaming etc.

    All of those factor in. Some of the stuff won't need a lot of bandwidth and if that is the case then don't need to spend the extra 30.

    But in general the higher the bandwidth the better the graphics. Like I said it depends on what you need it for. I wish you good luck
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