Corsair vs Cooler Master - Also, case question.

I went to COMPUSA mainly to ask about their installation fees ( $30 for both the power supply + graphics card upgrades to my ASUS Cm6730 ) and I had one of the tech guys look up my Computer and find out if a standard AXT Power Supply would fit in it, and he said yes. I then asked him if he thought a 600 watt cool master pro modular would work, and he suggested getting a 700 watt and then pointed me to a Corsair GS700. It was cheaper than the Cool Master Pro, and it was NOT modular, they both have decent warranties ( cool master has 5 year, corsair has 3 year ). Also, the Corsair is meant for a single GPU where as the Cooler Master Pro can work for sli, I have no intentions of going into sli, for a very long time at the very least, and so I went with the Corsair.

Just wanted to ask you guys what you think on the topic: Cooler Master Silent Pro vs Corsair Gaming Series for someone wanting a single GPU ( 7850 ) like myself. And if someone could look up my Computer, the ASUS CM6730, and give me their opinion on whether or not the Radeon 7850 and the Corsair Gaming Series GPU can fit into that case, that'd be very appreciated.

Also off topic, both Bestbuy and Compusa did NOT have ANY Radeon GPUs from the 7000 series =/.
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  1. whats the price difference, 20$ i would go for the 600W supply for cable management, and well i looked em both up on newegg and there both 109.99?

    the CM one is slightly more efficient too

    either one should last you a long time though
  2. What graphics card?
  3. both PSU are right around 84-85% efficiency during gaming. at idle the CM may offer 1-1.5% better efficiency. add it up and after a year you can go to starbucks and get a latte...with whip cream

    both PSU will fit your case and either PSU will work including the cheaper (and more powerful them the CM 600) corsair GS 600w and GS 500w. compusa is ripping you off, you wont break 300w gaming with your system. you may be able to find a better deal on newegg and have the compusa people install the PSU & video or better yet watch the "how to" videos on youtube and do it yourself. both are fairly easily, especially the video card. plenty of people here can help you out.

  4. rolli59 said:
    What graphics card?

    AMD 7850
  5. ct1615 said:
    AMD 7850

    They did not have any 7xxx series cards!
  6. To the person asking what GPU, it's a Sapphire 7850 OC in particular. And thanks for the responses! I have a question specifically for ct1615, how do you know for sure my PSU + GPU will fit?

    I'll probably end up sticking with the Corsair regardless, considering I already purchased it, but it's nice to know the differences between the two are very miniscule.

    Thanks again for the responses.

    Also, does anyone have any suggestions on an alternative GPU around the $250 area? Or maybe a different type of 7850 ( sapphire vs powercolor vs visiontek vs gigabyte etc )?

    EDIT: In response to rolli59, Bestbuy and Compusa don't yet have the 7k radeon or 600 GTX series, so I'd buy the GPU on or amazon.
  7. The Sapphire is a fine choice and the 7850 is good in that price range!
  8. I think I would go with the Cooler Master. Although, I do like Corsair PSU. I have on myself. But, the CM has better efficiency and better warranty and they are pretty quiet
  9. Wish I went for it, but don't really care too much about noise, unless it's unbearably loud or something. If this PSU lasts me 3 years ( that's how long the warranty lasts ) then I'll be thrilled, because In a year or two I'll probably wanna get a new PSU + GPU anyways to stay current.

    Still looking for some answers from my previous post though =P.
  10. rolli59 said:
    They did not have any 7xxx series cards!

    maybe he bought/stole one off ebay, newegg, tigerdirect, his neighbor. or maybe he got it off the compusa (aka tigerdirect) web site
  11. sterlin22 said:
    To the person asking what GPU, it's a Sapphire 7850 OC in particular. And thanks for the responses! I have a question specifically for ct1615, how do you know for sure my PSU + GPU will fit?

    ive built a system with the corsair GS 600, it's not a large PSU and will fit fine in an ATX mini-tower like your case. the AMD 7850 is only 8 1/4" in length, that is a very short card.
  12. How much did you pay for that GS600? If you paid more than $60, then I'd return it and get the Seasonic M12II-520w. It's more than enough for your build with a single HD7850, 5yr warranty, rock solid voltage rails, quiet, modular, 80+ Bronze certified and is a great deal right now at Newegg:

    Just buy it the same time that you get the GPU....saves on taxes, too.
  13. the seasonic is a better PSU but its $70, not $60
  14. Gotcha - forgot to add S/H. Still about $20 less expensive on Newegg. If OP bought the GS600 for $110+tax, then the M12II is over $40 less. That could be rolled into his pocket, a better GPU, an SSD, etc...
  15. I already purchased the Corsair GS700
  16. If you haven't opened the box and you paid $110, then you can save some money by returning the GS700 and getting the Seasonic M12II-520.
  17. What about the Seasonic M12II-520 makes it superior? The fact it's missing the 180 wattage definitely turns me away.
  18. The lack of 180W is not a bad thing because your system doesn't need the extra power unless you plan on doing a Crossfire of 7850s. Your system is not likely to use more power than this highly overclocked i7-965 with a factory OCd HD7850:
    That system used 254W at full load; your system will use even less power. The M12II-520 has more than enough power for your planned build and any amount of overclocking you might want to do. How is it better?
    1. It meets your system requirements without going overboard.
    2. It costs $30-40 less than the GS700.
    3. It's 80+ Bronze certified while the GS700 is 80+
    4. It is semi-modular.
    5. It's made by the arguably the best PSU mfr in the market. CWT makes the GS700. While CWT makes some good PSUs, the GS700 is not on the same performance/reliability level as the M12II-520.
  19. If you're happy with spending the extra $40 on the GS700, then feel free to stick with it and enjoy your PC.
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