Custom build looking to upgrade.

I have an Elite 335 Cooler Master case with a P8P67 ASUS mother board and GSkill 2 x 2 GB RAM with an i5 2500k processor. I'm wanting to get a slightly better cooler and I'm looking at tower coolers, like the Hyper 212 Cooler Master Plus, but I don't know if it will fit with everything inside. I've heard of people having good times fitting it in with no room to spare, and some who are having to bend the case. I want to get rid of the Intel stock HS and install one I can use to put my computer out of energy saving mode (when I put it out of energy save mode, the temps go haywire and I'm using AS5).

Right now I am buying the ram at 44.99$ to polish it off with 8GB of ram and I'm looking to spend no more than 40$ on a heatsink (give or take a dollar or two). If someone could tell me what issues I may or may not have before I spend my money or recommend some other heatsinks that will be just as well, I'd appreciate it a lot.

I have checked out the CM GeminII heatsink, while it looks nice, I'm not sure it'd be best for what I need, this is mostly a gaming rig, but it also suffers daily use (I'm a college student).

Once again, thanks for the help, if this is in the wrong section, sorry.
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  1. If you have the case there you can measure the clearance height ..

    Make an allowance for the height of the stand offs and thickness of the motherboard itsself . Use the manufacturers web page to find the height of the cooler to see if it will fit

    If a tower cooler liker the Hyper 212 wont fit you can still get much improved cooling with a "top down cooler " like the gemini .
  2. Thanks for the reply. With a "top down" cooler, could the temps still be worth it compared to something like the Hyper TX?
  3. They will definitely be worth it compared to the stock cooler .

    Try googling for reviews of the gemini
    and if you have a bit more in the budget check out the Scythe Rasetsu
  4. Both are very nice and low profile, I did some measuring and from the very bottom of the stock heatsink to the edge of the case is around 6.2 inches, not enough for the Hyper 212 Plus. Are there any towers that are good around that height that aren't around 90$? I checked out the Hyper TX, but I'm looking for something I can continue to keep around in case the fans go out (although I think if I upgraded my rig in the future, the heatsink would no longer fit). Thanks.
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