Monitor Displays HDMI from Motherboard, not from Graphics ports

I recently bought a new monitor an Asus VE248H ( ) while setting it up I've tried getting it to work with two different graphics cards, an HD4750 and a GTX460. I have tried HDMI, VGA and DVI from the graphics cards to the monitor. I've cycled through all the monitor input settings and they all displayed no signal.

I know the monitor works properly because I plugged it into my PS3 via HDMI.

The interesting thing about this, to me at least, is that I finally got irritated and tried something that makes no sense to me what so ever; I plugged the motherboard's ( ) onboard HDMI into the monitor and the monitor works.

So I guess my question is, what do I have to do to get the monitor to display from the graphics ports? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Go into your motherboards bios and disable onboard video, or if there is a setting to make it boot from PCI-E, choose that.

    Press delete while the pc is booting to enter the bios, in case you don't know.
  2. His way is the first way to try and it will work every time. I have a dell INSP 570s and when I added a card the instructions I was given was go into device manager click on display adaptors then click on on board graphics click on properties then click on disable. Only if plan one doesn't work. The bios is the easy way to do it and good luck to ya
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