Best €150 card

Title says all, howerever, besides from the best €150 card I would appreciate advice for a card which suits my comp
my specs are these

4 gb ram ddr3
en eMachines el1850 Motherboard (lol)
Intel pentium E5800 cpu
Aaaaaaaaand a Intel Gma x4500
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  1. hd 6770 is good!!!
  2. Cant you get a 560 or 6870 at that price? Im not 100% sure about the prices in europe but either of those cards would be much more powerful than a 6770.
  3. If I wanted to install a new GPU, what do I have to do? Exactly, I mean. I have an integrated graphics card and I don't know If I have to replace the power supply
  4. I can't seem to be able to edit my reply *sigh*

    I live in Spain and here the hd 6770 costs only about €105, which is quite awesome
  5. hmm, then get it also what are your other specs?
  6. The PSU is quite average (the one which came w/ the comp), the motherboard doesn't allow overclocking
  7. depends of the gpu you will buy... I can recommend you the 6850, is the fastest card that only required 1 6 pin power connector... but even there you probably will need a better PSU
  8. Another question: Any cheap cpu recommendation?
  9. amd 955 X4 you pretty much do almost the same that any high end cpu in most games...
  10. Would I have to upgrade the PSU? If so, what do you recomend?
    (I have never thought about upgrading it, really)
  11. cooler master gx 550w.
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