Are all i5 laptops dual core?

I was just wondering because my laptop I have is a 4 core 8 thread laptop and this ultrabook that I'm using right now has only 2 cores 4 threads
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    Yep. All mobile Core i5 CPU are dual core CPUs with Hyper Threading.

    The only quad core Intel mobile CPUs are the Core i7 with the "QM" designation. If the i7 only has the "M" designation, then it too is a dual core CPU.
  2. This is usually how it goes for mobile cpus :

    Intel Pentium G -- Dual Core - no HT - slower than Core i3
    Intel core i3m = Dual core only - no HT
    Intel core i5m = Dual core - can be with HT or without HT
    Intel Core i7m = Dual core with HT or quad core for QM models.
  3. The Sandy Bridges I3 DO have hyperthreading. I have an I3 2330M and my sister has an I3 2350M and both are dual core but showing as quad core.

    As for the original question yes all I3 and I5's mobiles are dual core. The only quad core mobile processors are the I7 that says QM.
  4. oic. Havn't really checked on the refreshes recently but my point still stands.

    Most Mobile are dual cores usually with or without HT and are differentiated by clock speeds and how big their caches are.

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