Not sure why this is happening, but here is a video of it...

Here is the general story:

My computer was working before I started upgrading some components. For some reason, when I went to boot up the computer, the light in the PSU turned on, the CPU fan twitched...and then: NOTHING.

I have no clue what is going on. I've been building computers for years now and I've never had an issue like this. I did the obvious trouble shooting: removing power cables one by one, switching back in ALL the old components and replacing them and testing one by one. NOTHING.

One thing that I found is that when I unplug the the CPU power connector, the PSU will stay on, and I can feel/hear the hard drive running. However, nothing posts.

The other thing, and this is the weird part, if I push the power button really fast (with the CPU power plugged in), it acts as if I have jump started the power supply. Even then...NOTHING.

Here is the video: Awesome Video!
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  1. It looks like you have a short some where. Try working through this:
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