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5670 vs 250GTS vs 9800GT

I want to maximize the hardware I have sitting around for my 2 boys' boxes. I need some help with a decision.

Son #1 is a gamer, so I plan on giving him my old ASUS P5Q3 since it runs DDR3 with a C2D E6600.
Son #2 is more productivity related, so he's getting an ASUS P5N-D running DDR2 and a C2Q Q8200.

My questions:
1. Currently, #1 has a GTS250. Would he see a benefit if I put my old 5670's in Crossfire for gaming? The 5670 is equal to the 9800, but the 250 is better than both, but will the 5670's in Crossfire outdo a single 250?
2. Son #2 will then get the 250 or a 9800GT I have. I've read the hierarchy chart and know the 250 outperfoms, but are NVIDIA cards like Radeons where you don't need the EXACT cards to SLi? Could I put the 9800 and 250 in SLi?

Thanks all...
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  1. You could put the 250 in SLI with a 9800 GTX+, since they're the same card, but not a regular 9800 GT. So no, GeForce are not like the Radeons in that respect.
  2. #1 yes the cf 5670's are quite a bit more powerful
    #2 You can not use the 250 and 9800 GT together.
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    I agree for son #1 put HD 5670's in crossfire better gaming experience.

    for Son #2 go with the GTS250 since it is better than 9800GT. Here is the hierarchy of cards.,3067-7.html

    And Good luck for you and your boys
  4. a 9800 gt and gts 250 will not be compatible at case of radeon cards a 5750 and 5770 can be put in for crossfire because they have same built in architecture with near same specifications.for choosing a card,get radeon hd 5670 in crossfire or get a single radeon hd 5770 which have dx 11 features unlike 9800 gt and gts 250 supporting only dx 10.
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  6. add the 9800gt in #1 as a physx card (might require new psu though)

    best of luck :)
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