Cpu bottlenecking gfx card?

so im gonna buy battlefield 3, and i was wondering if my ram/cpu were bottlenecking my evga gtx 550ti 2gb oc'ed to 1000mhz. system specs are

msi k9n6pgm2-v2 mobo
4gb ddr2 cheap ram
amd phenom x4 9750 95w 2.4 ghz
500 gb hard drive
evga gtx 550ti 2gb overclocked to 1ghz processor and 2404 memory
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  1. It is probably the game that will bottleneck both your CPU and your Video Card.

    This is a very hardware stressing game. At best you will probably have to play it on the lowest possible settings and even then the frame rate probably won't be very good.

    Just so you know what to expect.
  2. well i just got the game today and its on tweaked ultra without AA but still 1920x1080 and a lot of the other stuff...its running 40 fps....strange?
  3. Even with no AA I would still not expect you to be able to get 40 FPS with that hardware.

    I guess maybe I judged the performance of the parts to low.

    I don't have the game myself, I just know what I have been reading and it seems to conflict with your results. I guess maybe I am getting low AA confused with no AA.

    To be fair about it, most people aim for 60 smooth FPS too, because that is about the sweet spot where you don't notice any lag normally and the worst lagging parts usually still result in a reasonable 40ish FPS.

    I would expect that if the best places do 40 FPS then the worst places probably get under 30 and maybe even under 20 which would potentially be unfavorable.

    That being said, if you like it how it is that is great.
  4. well i get 50 fps inside of buildings typically and 40 fps outside, and the only time that it drops below 30 is if a massive barrel of oil or something explodes next to me and that brings it down to like 20 for a few seconds, but if im running it pretty well now then ill hold off on upgrading till the generation after ivy bridge....anyways here is the nvidia page with the settings i used and the average fps of it if youre curious


    i use the last one
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