Best ultra settings graphics card for a 1280x1024 40'' monitor

Hello, Everybody
I'm looking to max out bf3, skyrim etc. and i'm not sure what card i should pick, currently i have a 9800 gts and its faulty so i dont trust nvidia. Im thinking my new build will be an amd system because my 9800 build is intel/nvidia and my core 2 duo is still running like new so i completely trust intel. My resolution is low but it looks like 1980x1200 on such a big screen plus i have a 21 inch laptop screen thats full 1080p 1920x1280 and i cant tell the difference other than the size on the two screens. I cant afford the next gen of "keplar" and "tahiti" cards because they are like $500 per. And im looking to go cheap as possible with as much power as possible $500-$800 is my budget. If i get a cheaper X4 amd cpu will i bottleneck a higher end gpu like a 6850?
advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Anything higher than a HD6850 would be an overkill for that low a resolution!
  2. first of all, know what is ur actual montor resolution.then if ur current resolution is 1920*1080 res then for maxing out everything u need a very poweful card,like gtx 580, radeon hd 6970 or above(for maxing out everything). if ur resolution is lower than that then gtx 560 ti or 6870 will be just fine.(at 1680*1050 res). lower than that then u can go for gtx 460 or for amd route choose radeon hd 5850 or radeon hd 6850 card.
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