Best ultra settings graphics card for a 1280x1024 40'' monitor

I'm looking to max out bf3, skyrim etc. and i'm not sure what card i should pick, currently i have a 9800 gts and its faulty so i dont trust nvidia. Im thinking my new build will be an amd system because my 9800 build is intel/nvidia and my core 2 duo is still running like new so i completely trust intel. My resolution is low but it looks like 1980x1200 on such a big screen plus i have a 21 inch laptop screen thats full 1080p 1920x1280 and i cant tell the difference other than the size on the two screens. I cant afford the next gen of "keplar" and "tahiti" cards because they are like $500 per. And im looking to go cheap as possible with as much power as possible $500-$800 is my budget. If i get a cheaper X4 amd cpu will i bottleneck a higher end gpu like a 6850?
advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Are you looking to buy just a graphics card (as the title suggests), or an entirely new system, as the message suggests?
    For 1280x1024, a HD6770 would be enough; they're around $110 now, and can be powered by a reasonable 430W PSU (or an excellent 380W-400W model).
    If you'd like to anticipate playing on ultra settings at 1920x1080, I can play Skyrim at that resolution maxed with a GTX560Ti. That GPU needs a good 500W PSU. If you were to choose an AMD equivalent, it would be somewhere between a HD6870 and a HD6950 (depending on the game).
  2. I agree a 5770 should do it.
    I would sooner not leave things to chance,
    spend a bit more on a 460 1GB/768mb or a
    6850/70 and be sure you can do what you
    want on that monitor for a long while it might
    be a little bit of a waste it is better to waste than want.
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