Need help picking case under $130

Hello guys!

I need help in choosing a case. I am not interested in looks. led lights, or any things in that category. I just want a pc case that is under $130, has decent airflow, and enough size to fit two GTX 670s comfortably. This case will be primarily for gaming. Whether its a mid tower or a full tower, I really don't mind. Any help and/or responses will be appreciated.
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  1. Oh and in addition to the case, if you could recommend how many case fans to get with it to cool all the components (i5 2500k, dual gtx 670, asrock z77 extreme4, wd caviar blue 500g, 750w psu), then that would be great.
  2. Corsair cases are fine acoustically but generally mediocre thermally.

    This will sound insane, but the Rosewill Thor v2 is going to give you what you need:

    I reviewed it myself, it's actually an absolutely stellar enclosure. Build quality is a little iffy, but the performance and acoustics are fantastic.
  3. for $130,nzxt phantom is the best choice imo.enough room,good airflow,decent cable management,great looks and much more-

    main striking features are a 5 channel in built fan controller,led on/off switch.
  4. generally mediocre thermally

  5. better than 400r.proof-
    better looking
    full tower
    2x200mm fans on top
    led on off switch
    inbuilt fan controller.
  6. if you want under 100 buck then antec 1100 is a great tower-
    here's a detailed review-
  7. No no Hellfire my argument was not against you, i agree the NZXT has better features than the Corsair its just i hate the way it looks, my argument was against Dthesleepless who says that the Corsairs are "generally mediocre thermally", which is rubbish as all the reviews ive seen of them say that in there class they are among the best thermally, hell, even toms own budget case review said the 300r was the best, but its flimsy side panel let it down.,review-32451-9.html
  8. I believe Silverstone cases still outproform everything on the market so I usually recommend the raven 2e but it usualy runs a little higher at about $150-$200 and isn't widely available. The Raven 02 is about the same just slightly larger and is on sale on new egg for $145 until the 31st . I realize its above your budget but Silverstone makes such great cases I usually recommend if you're going to spend more than $50 on a case you might as well go silver stone. They make great quality cases with unmatched cooling due to 90 degree motherboard mounting where basically everything is rotated 90 degrees so it is more thermodynamically efficient. Plus it is equiped with 4 fans 3 of which are huge and doesn't require extra fans to achieve great conformance. I realize its above your budget but imo unless your budget is super strict its definitely worth it. I have a raven 02e as you can see in my profile pic and love it to death. Good Luck
  9. yeah i agree SS cases are great but a bit pricey.
  10. I have 3 Silverstones and love them all..

    FT02, FT03 and the TJ08B E.
  11. ^yeah man i saw your cases and damn they are smexy
    i am jealous LOL.
  12. Fractal Design Arc Midi Black

    includes a fan controller and 3 140 mm fans, with room for 5 more if needed.

  13. You're all very helpful and I thank you all. I am kind of stuck between the nzxt phantom and the corsair 400r. Can somebody convince me to buy one or the other for certain reasons?
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    if you are stuck between phantom and 400r then i would suggest going with has great features of 400r and astonishing looks of phantom in a single package-

    good luck with your choice.
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  16. a tad over budget, but I love it! Thank you for all your help. I did not think I would get this many responses. :)
  17. I would personaly cough up the extra $20 and get a raven 02 its way better than the corsair. you can't go wrong w/ a ss case
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