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I have 2 x 260's SLI cards in my pc now, computer is couple years old . I can play BF3 on medium to low res but my question is more related to monitors... I want to get a bigger monitor. What kind of game play
would I expect if I get a 32 inch HD TV? Could I get away wth keeping my current graphic cards or would a newer card be required ?
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  1. 32 inch TVs are only 1920x1080 tops, which is what most monitors are now, unless you have an old 20-22 inch 1650x1050, or really really really old 1280x1024 CRT.

    So performance probably will be the same.
  2. A quality 32 inch will be 1080 but most are 720p. If i were you i would just go with this. Recently purchased great monitor!
    Depends how much you are willing to spend. If you want Size over resolution go with a 720p solution 32 inch TV. if you want resolution go with my suggestion or somehting similiar.
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