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I am upgrading my Mom's computer and looking at the on board graphics cards, she is not a big gamer think the only games she plays is like on Facebook, the question I got should I just stay with the on board graphics or get a separate one and what would be a good one if she doesn't play a lot of games? Let me know
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    on-board is plenty for everyday use (don't know what system u got so can't judge) but any separate card will help anyway. like i picked up gforce 210 for 10$ in compusa the other day, its great for my uncles everyday use and few games.

    If you building new system just get APU, like this

    motherboard+apu(cpu)+ram thats all you need to make good everyday PC (video is build in), im using one next to TV to stream blueray movies
  2. You need to post what kind of computer and what is in it to help. That way we can help get a proper video card if she even needs one and if she does need one then how big of a card and that would be depending on the size of your power supply, ram, and CPU. But from what you have decribed then it should be no bigger than a GT430.
  3. Typically integrate graphics card is good enough for everyday tasks and simple flash type games.

    You need to provide better details for better help.
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