How many mb's needed for decent video playback?

Hvae an old pc with intel 820810E onboard graphics and a pci matrox millenium g200 pci (8mb i think). Think the second is the better one but still get poor youtube videos even with latest driver. Am tempted to get one with more mb but how much is needed? Have seen some pci ones with 32mb and 64mb but do i need that much or should the ones I already have be up to the job?
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  1. The ram has very little to do with it. If you are looking for a video card that just plays videos and is PCI and not PCIE then look at something like the 8400GS.


  2. You should have no problem doing low quality video on youtube, though HD will be a problem with either the onboard or the old g200. My old g550 wouldnt even do HD playback and it was much faster than the g200.

    Make sure you have at least 1GB of system memory, and any modern graphics card made in the last 3-5 years (amount of vRam is not as important as how new the processor is). Also for HD playback you will want a Pentium D or newer processor on the motherboard, and preferably a Core 2 Duo or better. I hate to say it, but you may need to upgrade more than just the GPU.

    Lastly stay away from Matrox cards. They are wonderful for business use where you need a lot of high resolution monitors to do spreadsheets and documents, but they are simply not made to do any sort of video, games, or 3D anything. Stick with either nVidia or AMD for your home GPU.
  3. Both of the gentlemen are wright if that is all you want to do is Youtube. It is hard these days to find video cards that are just pci.

    They have them so if you plan on keeping that rig then serch for more than on card so as to have a spare.

    Some time in fucture I would be thinking of buying a newer computer. Most of the softwear is written for advance computers.

    Don't get wrong there is a lot of old stuff but it is slowly fasing out. It is just something to think about down the road.

    You will be ok for now what you have except the video card which you should upgrade if you wand better youtube. Good luck
  4. I don't think it is wise at all to get a new GPU for it so it can play HD video.

    (1). It still take up 40% of CPU when playing 1080p video and it is a P3 we are talking about, so when watching 1080p video, you basically can't do other things.

    (2). It is PATA and PATA HDD are so small, you couldn't fit a lot of HD video (unless you have PCI SATA card and using SATA drive).
  5. Thnx for responses. Was hoping to sell it for little but turned out to be bit more out of date than I hoped. Would probably feel little guilty if someone does buy it.
  6. Donate it to a place where Kids who don't have anything would love an old computer like yours that works. Put a smile on someone's face this X-mas. Just a thought.
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