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Hi i am building a custom computer and ive got all the parts figured out except the case.

I am currently looking at the lancool pc-k62 however amazon is about to go out of stock and i want to buy everything for my build from amazon so it is simple when i buy everything. My price range is a maximum of $100 but there can be exceptions. The case to hold a GPU length of 241 mm or 9.45".

I would really, really love some suggestions on other cases.
- I would like them to have at least 1 usb 3.0
- Cable Management
- A window (this is a MUST) because im buying lights and cause it looks awesome.
- The interior to be painted Black or Blue rather than just that grey metal colour.
- Decent airflow
- Decent looking
- Blue or Black because my colour scheme is blue also if stock fans are included preferably blue fins or blue LED

Also if you could do me a favour could anyone see if any of my parts are incompatible with each other.

ASUS P8Z68-v GEN3 1155 LGA PCIE 3.0
Intel i7-2600K 1155 LGA
Corsair tx650
Cooler Master Hyper n520
Corsair 16gb RAM DDR3

Thanks so much for reading
Please reply
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  1. Get the K-62, Its a great case & fits all your needs as well as your budget.

    Get a Hyper 212+ or the 212 Evo instead of the n520.
  2. Corsair 300r or 400r
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