What order to buy parts in?

Out of the ordinary question I already know what I want in my build and have it planned out but I was going to split the build into 2 separate bills to reduce dropping that much all at once but here's what I'm getting and I was thinking about getting the case, processor and mobo at once then the rest shortly after, but any ideas on what I should get now and what I should get in near future to save $$ advice would be appreciated. I might add I don't want to change my build.
Intel Core i5 2500K OC
Asus P8Z68-v Pro Gen 3
8GB mushkin ram or good ram I can OC for gaming
Corsair 600T Special Edition White
Corsair H80 CPU Cooler
Corsair tx850W PSU
Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM will install a SSD in future
Standard nothing fancy Reader/Writer
Sapphire HD 7970 OC

Will cost around $1500 Canadian with searches I have found to date. No coupon codes or anything.
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  1. To the parts at what the prices will not drop ( for sure ) are CASE , RAM, PSU , CPU COOLER. And after that buy the others CPU , mobo , gpu, hdd.
  2. if you are not willing to change anything in your build then save the money and buy it all together. prices will only go down when ivy bridge and Kepler cone out. there's really no reason to buy a build in chunks (unless you find an amazing deal on a part), you'll just end up with parts sitting in boxes that you can't test and wasting your return period
  3. The reason I'm buying I 2 sections is that I fear if I just put the money away I will slowly find a reason to spend it so if I buy at least parts with it I can't spend the money :P
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