P8H67-V with I5 3550

Greetings all,

Trying to figure out if I got taken by the guy at the PC shop. I went in looking to see what they had for parts. I asked if they had any of the ivy bridge CPUs in, they didn't. But they had everything else i wanted. Hey pushed this motherboard (ASUS P8H67-v (rev3.0)) on me and said and I quote "I will give you a deal on this mother board, and it supports the new ivy bridge." So i looked at it and it said right on the box "Future intel ready 22nm CPU." So it had all the features i wanted. So i bought it for a good price. In my haste i orderd (newegg.com) the I5 3550 ivy bridge, now the question is...... did I screw up? will i need to upgrade the BIOS first. Or did ASUS already do that.. Please guys a little help here...Just let me know if i should just return the MOBO. Thanks guys :>)
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  1. You screwed up, you need to update the BIOS.

    You can either try booting the new system up when the new processor arrives and update it via usb from the board, or buy a 2nd gen SB processor and stick it in to update.
  2. Well I am going to try and boot it up and hope it POST. If it does then awesome, either way i am going to let you guys know so everyone will know.
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