Don't know what CPU Fan/heatsink to get. Please help.

Hey, everyone. I've mildly lurked this site for things before, but I call upon your aid for a specific question, if you all wouldn't mind...


I need a new CPU fan/heatsink. I have an Opteron 185 CPU in a NF4 Ultra Infinity Motherboard. I'm 37-42C while idle, and anywhere from 55-62C whilst playing Diablo III. ( I don't even want to know what it would be like running max. ) I cannot for the life of me find info on what I need.

I don't know much about this stuff, and I don't know exactly what other specs I need. Price doesn't matter too much, but I would prefer it to be in the 35-65 dollar range.

Also, if anyone wouldn't mind helping me with finding the info I need for a Chipset ( nForce 4, to be precise. ) Fan/Heatsink, that would be great as well, as that feels hot, too.
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    Well, your temps don't ring any alarm bells for me! Sound pretty normal, but a few good coolers recommended here

    As for the chipset, are there holes either side for pushpins?
    Some coolers here
  2. Oh, really? It was saying on a site the max was 65 C. That's good, then.

    My Chipset is what I'm most worried about. It's burning after a few hours of Diablo II

    Oh, and yes, it has two push pins. In the corners.

    Thanks for your reply, Dodger!
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