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Ive just installed an Arctic Acelerro Extreme 2 on a powercolor 6950. I haven't placed any heatsinks on the RAM because the adhesive that was supplied was not sticking them effectively. Ive put the new cooler/graphics card inside a fractal define r2 case, Im pretty sure I would not be able to get it out of the case again because Ive had to force it in!

My question is, are the RAM sinks nessersary, and can I do without them? The card didn't have any RAM sinks to begin with.

Sorry for the long winded question.
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  1. EDIT: I will not be overclocking the system.
  2. If your using a full body cooler you don't really need the RAM heatsinks.It will be fine.
  3. In my experience RAM heat sinks are not necessary, especially for graphics cards.
  4. Thats great thanks for your help.
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