How to Find Previous Posts

Hey guys and gals. There seems to be a few people around, having the same trouble finding their old threads, or a thread they've responded to. Here's a little help.

Method 1:
From the main forum page, make sure the right hand column is showing.

Click the middle tab to see all threads that you have created, or responded to, that have new responses.

If no links are listed under the middle tab, click the link to 'see all.'

That brings up a page that lists every section of the forum. Threads that have new responses will show up in the appropriate section. And if there are no new responses, it will say 'no new messages.' If you click on one of the sections, it will bring up all the threads that you've participated in, or created.

Method 2:
With the right hand column showing, on the main forum page, click the "My page" link.

You will see your profile page. Near the bottom of the page, click the link titled "Access to the whole list of this/her messages."

That will bring up a page with a drop down box, listing each section. The threads you've participated in, or created, in each section, will be listed there. You can go section by section, using that drop down box.
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