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I am building an AMD Thunderbird 1.2 Gigahertz (Athlon type C) system. I want to compare the costs of my home build system to store bought systems like HPs, Compaqs, Dells, etc. I've look at websites and stores (Best Buy and Circuity City) and I don't see any PCs that have a 266 MHz Front Side Bus (133 MHz x 2). Can anyone direct me to some prices for Athlon Type C machines so I can compare the cost to build versus buy. I have intention of buying but I would still very much like to know.

It worked yesterday! :lol:
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  1. I typically find that Big OEM's do not put out that info because people who buy OEMs typically don't care about such info. Your best bet is to configure on as close as you can to the one's on the OEM. I configured one that came out to be around 1500, where the OEM (Dell and Gateway) were asking around 1900 for a simular, yet inferior product. Sure it has a lot of extra software but I already have that software.

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