Low budget PC that can match a PS3's performance


So, the topic says all. I want to find PC specs that can match a PS3's performance, while having the same cost (or at least approximate).

So feedback is welcome.

Thank you very much
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  1. Well, the minimum amount you should pay for a pc is about $400. In my signature, I have a PC build that'll be x2 the power of the Xbox 720. Just food for thought. It's the $400 Feb build.
  2. That's not a considerable amount over the PS3's price, and I may assume that, if it outpowers twofold the Xbox 720, it will beat the PS4 as well. Thank you for your reply.
  3. It would be hard to build a PC that matches PS3, because even low budget options today will outperform it. I guess you could look at older, used items :P
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