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Hey guys! Well its the time.The time in every amd users compuyer life where amd just isnt cutting it anymore.The time where you ave money to blow and you can either get a faildozer or stay with the same drab ol cpu.I want to know what i will need to switch to use amd.Obviously yhe cpu and mobo.Anythimg else? Also what are the intel sockets? And what would be a good starting intel combo for gaming?

Comp specs
Mobo:asrock 970 extreme 4
Cpu:amd phenom x2 ocd 3.2 ghz 6 core
Ram:8gb vengeance ddr3
aftermarket cooler:hyper 212 evo
hdd:1tb barracuda
case: haf 922
Windows 7 32 bit
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  1. Just the CPU and motherboard. What GPU you have? That X6 is still a decent CPU though if your GPU isn't good you may want to upgrade that instead.
  2. Where is your system letting you down?

    It might not yet be time to put your AMD parts out to pasture.
    Especially if it's not the CPU/MB that's holding your system's performance in check.
  3. I am assuming that is a Phenom II x 6, in which case i don't get the "drabby ol CPU" part as it is still very much a strong player.
  4. I was guessing Phenom II X6 1045T.
    OC'd to 3.2Ghz, especially with a good GPU, it's still a player.
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